Stealth technology  for hunters,  photographers and wildlife professionals.

The Upscent stalking blind offers the main benefits of a tree stand, but with several important advantages.  It eliminates the risk of climbing. It can be positioned in exactly the right location for the best field of view. And it doesn't damage or disturb the environment, so landowners will be more open to granting you access.

Developed by a professional guide, the Upscent Bow Stalking Blind features a 6 volt DC fan that silently pushes your scent up through sections of snap-together pipe, so you won't be detected by wildlife   (even if you smoke).

Four plexiglass windows provide and extensive field of view.  The windows slide out of their pockets easily, and padded rest on the frame crosspieces serve as a steady platform for rifle or camera.

A durable, waterproof nylon shell protects you and your valuable equipment from the elements.  This camouflaged shell keeps you out of sight, and comfortable, in any weather.  The Upsent stalking blind can also serve as an ice fishing shelter.

A 6-volt DC (4 D-cell flash light batteries) motor pushes your scent up the stack and out or range of the nearby wildlife. 

Provides the benefits of a tree stand, without the difficulty and risk of climbing.

Even smokers can be confident they will remain undetected.

 Durable waterproof nylon shell protects you and your equipment from inclement weather. 

Four plexiglass windows (10"x6") provide good visibility.  They quickly slide out of their pockets.

Three viewing windows (6"x12")

Included compact (54"x8") carrying Case with straps makes it easy to pack.

Total weight approx. 19 lbs.  (three-man)

Frame consist of interchangeable snap-together parts for quick, easy installation.

Dimensions: Base 55"x55"
Head clearance     82"
Total height          15'3"

The unique design of the Upsent Bow Stalking Blind is perfect for ice fishing, hunting photography, camping and law enforcement surveillance.